Our Menu

The dishes you'll find on our menu are the exact dishes you can find in Florentine restaurants dating back hundreds of years. Tuscan cooking is incredibly simple, relies heavily on fresh ingredients, and good olive oil. We are not trying to revolutionize or reinvent Tuscan cuisine. By focusing on traditional Tuscan recipes, and using the best quality meats and vegetables, we are able to present honest and simple dishes that honor the past and let the ingredients speak for themselves.

About the restaurant

Locanda Vini e Olii opened as a restaurant in 2001, after months of renovating a charming, old neighborhood pharmacy space dated back to 1896. The interior contains much of the original woodwork, cabinetry, and ceilings of the pharmacy. We strive to make our customers feel at home here. We have great clientele, and have developed many close relationships with them over the years. Eating is a very personal experience, so we want everyone who comes in to feel cared for.

Please visit our new sister restaurant, Camillo, in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.


"Housed in a converted 117-year-old apothecary (the pharmacy area in back serves as the kitchen), this local institution crafts authentic Tuscan cuisine in one of the city’s most romantic settings." - The Discreet Charm of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, T Magazine, August 2014.

"Baldacci's pastas are not to be missed..." - C Train to Tuscany, Serious Eats, Jan 2014.

We are now REAL certified by the United States Healthful Food Council!