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"Brooklyn's Best Under-the-Radar Tasting Menus, Brooklyn Magazine, April 2015.

"But don’t get these folks wrong: Co-owners Michael Schall (general manager), Michele Baldacci (executive chef), and Rocco Spagnardi (sommelier) and their staff are utterly serious about traditional Tuscan cooking and they’re damned good at it. " 99 Essential Restaurants in Brooklyn, Village Voice, March 2015

"Housed in a converted 117-year-old apothecary (the pharmacy area in back serves as the kitchen), this local institution crafts authentic Tuscan cuisine in one of the city’s most romantic settings." - The Discreet Charm of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, T Magazine, August 2014.

"Baldacci’s love of traditional, rustic Florentine cuisine shines through Locanda’s tempting menu..."Guide to NYC’s 10 Must-Try Italian Restaurants: Beyond Little Italy, The Culture Trip, April 2014.

"Baldacci's pastas are not to be missed..." - C Train to Tuscany, Serious Eats, Jan 2014.

"AM Italiano" - Featuring Michele's Torta della Nonna, Plate Magazine, April 2013.

"What’s Good Today? The Braised Beef Short Ribs With Cannellini Beans At Locanda Vini E Olii"
Nona Brooklyn, Jan 2013

"...it's no mystery why the people of Clinton Hill, Ft. Greene, and Brooklyn in general are so fond of this restaurant..." Immaculate Infatuation, 2013

"Charm and Cheap Wines at Locanda Vini e Olii..." Decanted, Eater NY, 2012

"Italian food, long before it was everywhere...this is delicious business as usual rather than pandering to pervasive trends..." Tasting Table, 2011

"With its enchanting atmosphere, well prepared rustic Italian cuisine and personalized service, Locanda Vini e Olii merits a trip to Brooklyn". "...If you're dining with four or more, you may call ahead to request a tasting menu..." Michelin Guide, 2010

"...One of New York's best Italian restaurants..." Wallpaper*, 2007

"...The service is smart, the wine list uncommon and the Tuscan menu refreshingly unfamiliar..." 
New York Magazine, 2006

"...If you're 31 and hip, Brooklyn is where you go..." Conde' Nast Traveller UK, April, 2004

"...Fresh ingredients and dramatic presentation..." Time Out NY 2004 Guide, 2004

"A trip to Tuscany without the jet-lag..." New York Magazine, 2003

"2003 READER'S PICK... New York Magazine, 2003

"...Locanda Vini & Olii...it's good enough to make Manhattanites jump on the C train..." 
– Time Out NY 2003 Guide, 2003

"...Menus full of fresh, unexpected pastas and organic meat dishes."- New Yorker, 2002

"...The best entree is astonishingly good, a Piedmontese beef "tagliata" 
– Robert Sietsema Village Voice, September 18-24 2002

"...If all those Italian-by-numbers restaurants have given you red-sauce fatigue, the chestnut-flower lasagnette... is just the right prescription” – Matt Lee, Ted Lee Travel & Leisure, September 2002

"...worth a special trip” – Rob Patronite New York Magazine, July 29-August 8 2002

"...With a menu full of pleasing prescriptions, V&O is just what the doctor ordered ” 
– Shailesh S. Rao Shout NY, Feb 2002

"...If there is a restaurant that beats LVO combination of athmosphere, value, service and inventive, fresh food, we'd like to know about it” – Time Out NY 2002 Guide, 2002

"...L.V.O...celebrates the ...cuisine of the Tuscan countryside” 
– Pascale Le Draoulec, The Daily News, September 2001

.."Never mind those fancy Manhattan Italians… Over the bridge in Brooklyn, there's something amazing going on… a quiet culinary revolution is taking place... Take Locanda Vini & Olii, for instance....turned a 103-year-old Clinton Hill drugstore into a brand-new restaurant...rigorously authentic and unlike almost anything on the menu in Italian restaurants across the city." - The James Beard Foundation, Special Event Jan. 2002

"... It’s the most fun you can have in a drugstore without prescription.” 
– Rob Patronite New York Magazine, March 2001

"Locanda Vini & Olii, located in recently gentrified Clinton Hill, has the prescription for good food...”
– Tanya Wenman Steel, Bon Appétit, July 2001

"It's a thrill to find a restaurant like Locanda Vini & Olii, where decisions are not made according to formula and marketing concerns. Passion rules here, and it is evident in almost every bite.”
– Eric Asimov, The New York Times, February 2001