Wine menus printed on empty wine bottles

Wine menus printed on empty wine bottles

What are wine dinners?

As each new season arrives, we organize special wine dinners that focus on local produce and seasonal Italian culinary traditions. These dinners involve a five-course meal designed by Chef Baldacci to pair with five different wines from a particular producer or region.

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Our NEXT WINE DINNER WILL BE on tuesday, August 20th at 7pm.

Please join us on Tuesday, August 20th at 7pm for our Summer Wine Dinner featuring a selection of wines from Tre Monti.

Azienda Agricola Tre Monti is one of our favorite wine producers from the region of Emilia Romagna, and we are delighted to showcase their delicious wines for our upcoming Summer Wine Dinner. All of Tre Monti's vineyards are managed according to the principles of organic sustainable viticulture, they use only estate-grown local varietals, and the wine is made with a philosophy of minimal intervention. Every step in this process is carried out with full respect, not only for the integrity of the fruit, but for the unique character of each growing year as well. The result are unique wines that express fully the terroir of the region. They are light and complex, the perfect wines for a summer feast.

We hope you can join us!

The Menu

Caponata di Melanzane
Sicilian eggplant “caponata”, Tomatoes, olives, pinenuts, onions, celery, raisins, basil

Wine pairing: Albana di Romagna 2018

Tomino alla Piastra
Grilled Tomino cheese, wild mushrooms, fresh oregano

Wine pairing: Albana di Romagna "Vitalba Anfora" 2018

 Gnocchi alla Romagnola
Potato gnocchi, beef ragù, bay leaves, grana padano cheese

Wine pairing: Sangiovese "Campo di Mezzo" 2018

Roasted Berkshire pork loin, peaches, zucchini, fresh mint

Wine pairing: Sangiovese Riserva "Thea" 2016

Blueberry crostata, fresh whipped cream

Wine pairing: Moscato 2018

*Vegetarian options available upon request. 
We can accommodate most dietary restrictions. 
Please email with questions.

$135/person. Ticket price includes all tax, gratuity & fees

Past Dinners:

I Cacciagalli - Campania - April 2019

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - Jan 2019

Lanciola - Toscana - October 2018

Alto Piemonte - June 2018

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - March 2018

Ca' Nova - Piemonte - Nov 2017

Benanti - Sicilia - June 2017

Ca' Nova - Piemonte - Feb 2017

Volcanic Soil - October 2016

Gaglioppo - Calabria - July 2016

Nebbiolo - May 2016

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - Feb 2016

Wines found only at Locanda - Oct 2015

Volcanic Soil - July 2015

Malvira - Piemonte - April 2015

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - January 2015

Benanti - Sicilia - Oct 2014

Famiglia Olivini - Lombardia - July 2014

Cigliuti - Piemonte - April 2014

Cacciagalli - Campania - January 2014

Nebbiolo - Piemonte - October 2013

Benanti - Sicilia - April 2013

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - January 2013

Michele Satta - Toscana -October 2012

Le Terrazze - Le Marche -May 2012

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - Jan. 2012

Abbazia di Novacella - Alto Adige -"Praepositus" tasting - October 2011

Ca del Bosco - Franciacorta - Lombardia - July 2011

Ronchi di Cialla - Friuli - March 2011