What are wine dinners?

As each new season arrives, we organize special wine dinners that focus on local produce and seasonal Italian culinary traditions. These dinners involve a five-course meal designed by Chef Baldacci to pair with five different wines from a particular producer or region.

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Our next wine dinner will be on Thursday, March 1st at 7pm, with winemaker Enzo Boglietti from Piemonte.

It's that time of year again. Enzo Boglietti is back in town! And we wouldn't miss a chance to organize one of our wine dinners around his visit and his amazing Piemontese wines. Please join us on Thursday, March 1st at 7pm as we once again welcome Enzo to Locanda Vini e Olii and celebrate his wines with a five-course feast of seasonal produce and meat.

One of the really special items on the menu will be the antipasti of Culatello di Zibello. Never before has it been available in the US, this culatello is by far the most prized salumi in all of Italy. It is produced in the flatlands just south of Parma, near the Po River. The city of Zibello is epicenter of production, due to its particular climate that is ideal for curing and aging. The thick fog that rolls off the Po, along with the biting cold of the winter give Culatello di Zibello its characteristic sweetness and fragrance. It is really spectacular, and we are very excited to share this delicacy with you.

We hope you can be there!

The Menu

Zuppa di Farro, Orzo e Borlotti
Soup of spelt, barley, cranberry beans & fresh rosemary

Wine pairing: Dolcetto 2014
Piatto di Campagna

Imported Culatello di Zibello DOP, braised beef tongue, salsa verde

Wine pairing: Nebbiolo 2015
"Priest-strangler" pasta, Tuscan kale, taleggio cheese

Wine pairing: Buio 2011 (80% Nebbiolo, 20% Barbera)
Guancia Piemontese
Braised Piemontese beef cheeks, mashed potatoes

Wine pairing: Barolo Arione 2010
Ball of chocolate ice cream with a heart of vanilla ice cream, rolled in crushed hazelnuts & cocoa

Wine pairing: Enzo's homemade Barolo Chinato


$150/person. Ticket price includes all tax, gratuity & fees
Vegetarian options available upon request


Past Dinners:

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Benanti - Sicilia - June 2017

Ca' Nova - Piemonte - Feb 2017

Volcanic Soil - October 2016

Gaglioppo - Calabria - July 2016

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Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - Feb 2016

Wines found only at Locanda - Oct 2015

Volcanic Soil - July 2015

Malvira - Piemonte - April 2015

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - January 2015

Benanti - Sicilia - Oct 2014

Famiglia Olivini - Lombardia - July 2014

Cigliuti - Piemonte - April 2014

Cacciagalli - Campania - January 2014

Nebbiolo - Piemonte - October 2013

Benanti - Sicilia - April 2013

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - January 2013

Michele Satta - Toscana -October 2012

Le Terrazze - Le Marche -May 2012

Enzo Boglietti - Piemonte - Jan. 2012

Abbazia di Novacella - Alto Adige -"Praepositus" tasting - October 2011

Ca del Bosco - Franciacorta - Lombardia - July 2011

Ronchi di Cialla - Friuli - March 2011